Monday, August 17, 2015

Review: Eco Bamboo Cutting Board with Handle

I love my new Eco Bamboo Cutting Board with Handle. I was so freaking happy to recycle the old plastic ones that were stained even after cleaning. This one is so nice not to see any cut marks marred by stains. This hard wood is easy to wash and easy to hang on my pots and pans rack. My only complaint is the glue holding on the label has never completely come off. It is listed as a non toxic organic substance. I am otherwise #hippiehappy.

"Eco Bamboo Cutting Board with Handle - Made From 100% Premium Antimicrobial Organic Bamboo.
Bamboo prevents bacteria accumulation and food particles. Only food-safe, formaldehyde-free glue from a sweet potato is used in assembly. Easier to wash than wooden cutting board and safer than plastic. Use hot water and soap to wash, then let the cutting board air dry. Our bamboo cutting board is so strong, durable, and harder than maple wood."