Sunday, August 9, 2015

Review: Laundry Wash Bags by Fresh Delicates

Fresh Delicates have made multiple size laundry wash bags that are great for those items that you do not want intermingling with the other laundry but you may not launder all alone or need to be contained. Honestly I wish I would have had these when my husband worked as a server for his aprons-- those strings would get tied up around everything in the wash and the drying cycles.

I have used these for my brassieres to keep the straps from getting entangled with other clothes and with the hooks. I am #hippiehappy with these and I like the idea of giving everyone in the family a bag for their socks to keep from "losing" them in the dryer.

"Our Wash Bags will:
- Keep clothes in tact while in the washer or dryer
- Zipper strap will help avoid any loud noise to be made
- Help prevent missing socks!

Fresh Delicates Wash Bags will safely wash and dry your clothing. If you are tired of losing socks after every load, our fresh delicate wash bags will be your best friend. Our specially designed zipper strap will prevent any items from falling out. Most importantly, our wash bags are designed to protect clothes from any damages. No more torn lingerie or missing socks!

Fresh Delicate Wash Bags are durable and will last for many washes.
- Fine Mesh Good Density and Soft
- Three sizes 30*40cm, 40*50cm, 50*60cm
- Great for every wash cycle

The Secret Lies Within Each bag.. Try Fresh Delicates Wash Bags TODAY!"