Monday, August 17, 2015

Review: Pop Up Mesh Screen Covers

My family gets together about twice a month during the warm months, usually it is to celebrate birthdays. We each bring covered dishes and our own meats to be grilled by one of the uncles. These covers are perfect for keeping the flying nasty bugs of the midwest from joining grandma's delicious taco salad, mom's hot bacon potato salad or Bunni's deviled eggs.

These made me #hippiehappy and they will make you too. Just watch for a big gust of wind. We did have one try to become a kite on us.

Don't let pesky insects ruin your barbecue or picnic! These handy, lightweight tents protect your food from bugs. The tents are made from a white nylon mesh fabric and feature a pull cord that locks them in the open position. This product collapses for easy storage. Each Food Cover Measures 17"x17" and 8" Tall - Covers 16" Plates

***I got this product at a discount for my honest opinion.***