Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Review: Selfie Sticks and the Greek God of the Selfie Narcissus

Narcissus was the son of a river god and a nymph according to Greek Mythology. While looking into the river he fell in love with this dashing person he saw in the the river. He refused to leave this sexy person's side. He loved seeing himself in a time where there was not a camera, pictures, selfies or mirrors. Just reflections in the water but we told that he did not realize the lover in the river was his own self. He just sees beauty and falls in love. So deep is this infatuation that he drowns himself trying to find his lover. This story reminds me of all the selfies I see on Facebook and Instagram. A whole generation falling in love with themselves yet no self esteem to better there lives. We need to look inward only to see how to help others!

In looking that product I had this Bluetooth Selfie stick and using in for a couple weeks. It takes super great pictures at first. Then the rubber on the shutter button started moving, working spuratically to almost not at all. I emailed the company over four days ago asking them if I should delay writing this in case the button issue was possible a defect in manufacturing but I still have not heard from them and my deadline has come. So i have to be honest. I am #nothippiehappy.

Product Link Here:

"This is a great selfie stick. Take great pictures with the simple touch of a button. Set up is very easy with a simple bluetooth connection to your phone. Press the shutter button and you take instant pictures. The extendable arm is durable and allows the user to adjust their photo distance quickly an easily. Aggressive Products is pleased to present this product to the reviewers of Tomoson! We want your review on Amazon!!

- Max Load Capactiy: 500g
- Net Weight: 144g
- Flex Section: 7
- Max Weight: 500g
- Length of Extension: 235-1005mm
- Main Material: Steel
- Color: Pink
- Battery Capacity: 45mAH
- Charging Voltage: 5V
- Charging time:1 Hour
- Standby Time: Over 100 hours
- Autodyne Frequency: Over 500 times
- Support System: Android 3.0+, iOS 4.0+
- Main Function: Take Selfies with a Smartphone

Perfect For:
- Traveling
- Video Diaries
- Video Blogging
- Hiking/Camping
- Weddings - Parties
- Beaches
- Concerts
- Aerial Photos
- Sports Events

Package includes:
- 1 X Bluetooth Mobile Phone Monopod
- 1 X Mobile Phone Clip
- 1 X Orange Adapter for Smaller Phones
- 1 X Charging Cable"

***I received this at a discount for my honest opinion.***