Sunday, August 16, 2015

Review: Two Meows Cat Litter Mat (Grey) - Paw Shaped.

I have been using the Two Meows Cat Litter Mat in the grey, paw shaped for a few weeks where before I was using an old towel to keep the litter out of my carpet. My cats seem to not want to walk on this mat because I have to put the towel back because this mat as big as the litter box. But I do put it at the entrance but my kitties can get out on two other sides. So they are avoiding the mat. So I need to re-position the box to keep them on the mat and keep the litter in the box. I like the mat, it looks great and once I find a new one side exit for the litter box.

I am #hippiehappy with the mat.

***I received this at a discount for my honest and unbiased opinion.***

"Two Meows Cat Litter Mat:

Our cat litter mat is a cute paw shape and is very effective and reducing cat litter scatter. It's been well received and we're looking to further our exposure. Use it by your litter box. You'll be ordering the grey color.

The benefits to our litter mat is:

1. It's extremely effective at reducing the amount of litter scatter around your box.
2. It reduces the amount of litter that gets tracked in your carpet and furniture.
3. Very simple to clean, just fold in half and dump litter back into the box. You can also sweep it and rinse it.
4. It's very soft on your cats paws.
5. It's fun to use.
6. We back our product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee."
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Two Meows Cat Litter Mat (Grey) - Paw Shaped.