Monday, November 30, 2015 Review

Here is the site for Framed ART:

I really feel like a kid waiting for Christmas to come, when I received my order confirmation today from FRAMEDART.COM which allows me to see where in the process they are with my beautiful art I picked out.

So I received my order confirmation today from Framed Art an amazing art and framing company. I was able to pick out every little detail from the double mat and each of their colors to the gorgeous cherry frame from among many options.I have to say that truly picking the art from tens of thousands of designs was the easiest part; coordinating the mats and frame seem to take an art degree in itself. But I am so happy with it. But it took the better part of an hour, but it was so much fun. I could totally spend thousands of dollars covering all my walls if I only had the money.

From order date to arriving on my door step the process took eleven days. The quality of the cherry frame is so pristine and lines up perfectly with the creme mat and the Jasmine Becket Griffith Fine Art Print. Everything is lined up flawlessly. This is that piece you hang on the wall and look at the little details in the art. You do not want someone to pick out a flaw in the framing and there is not one blemish in this creation! Bravo to I am so excited for my family to come over for the holidays ,not to eat my food but to see my new wall hanging by FRAMED ART!