Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Updated LINK: Missing my Hippie Happy...can you help me get it back?

My real hippie happy was and is had always been writing. I started this blog was to help get my brain back after my epilepsy meds wiped my mind. I want to write books and I haven't done that in a year, maybe two. I told my grandma before she died about one of my WIP (work in progress) that was about very personal. It was about generations of women understanding and misunderstanding the women who came before them. She was so excited to hear about my "art", she herself was a painter and a true artist. When she died I promised myself I would see that particular trilogy of novellas would be published even if it was just for her. And there they sit in a an abandoned folder on my computer.

So I am trying to do a few things to motivate myself. I started a PATREON page to help get funding for my WIPs to be published. Even self publishing has some costs involved-- cover art, editing, and some other shizz I never remember until I go to publish I then I realize how broke I am and even twenty bucks is enough to detour me from publishing my books. I have to stop having excuses.

Here is the link to my Patreon Page: