Thursday, March 10, 2016

A voice for the Innocent/ Games for Change Benefit

I attended at benefit concert on Monday at Arcade Legacy at the Former Forest Fair Mall (remember that kiddos, not Time Out on the Court like when we were 12). Arcade Legacy is an honest to goodness arcade with pinball machines, arcade machines older than most of the kids playing them, but they also have systems attached to tvs and you can play just about every game imaginable. But enough about Arcade Legacy-- but I do suggest you spend a rainy Saturday there with the fam. One price and you can play till your heart's content.

But I digress.

I went to a concert headlined by MC LARS but I was there for MEGA RAN. They both are NERD CORE rappers. I didn't hear any cussing, just amazing flow, skills and lyrics that had this geek girl smiling hearing about Final Fantasy 6 and 7 getting their props and other video games clips mixed into phat beats. My chill dancing and ten dollar admission-- I know when do you ever get to see a concert let alone a Kick @ss concert-- that benefited sexual abuse and rape victims through a advocacy group called A Voice For The Innocent.

Here is there link if you would like to support their cause or if you are a victim and need help:

My hubby brought his NES for Mega Ran to sign, which his did and was so super nice about. Mega Ran and MC LARS were both super awesome to meet and not at all anything but down to earth dudes who made us feel great about meeting them in person and I loved every minute of this adventure from the arcade games, to meeting these amazing rappers to the concert to helping a great cause.
I was #hippiehappy from start to finish.