Friday, March 11, 2016

Writing for reals. Not just clickbait.

After being inspired by MEGA RAN/ RANDOM and talking to an old friend returned to my life, Chea, I am more determined than ever to get my butt in gear and publish one of my 4 WIP this summer. But now the question is which to publish, which to work on, and which to put away for a while or maybe scrap all together. So since hubby is working most of this weekend. And the kiddos seem rather occupied in positive ways. So I will get the most recent copies together in a folder, try and skim them and come up with a plan and report back. Maybe if I am adventurous enough I will even post the synopsis here and see if I have one reader that would like to give me some feedback on which sounds like the best candidate to be my first published work. Sound great my one reader? Hi Gini. I hope your trip was great. Missed you. (My hubby doesn't even read this maybe if he did, I would read the news.)

I believe in my heart that we have to put the positive out there to get positive back; also making lists to keep ourselves accountable for what we want and what we plan to do. So here is my blog about getting off my ass and well actual getting on my ass and not playing around on the internet but writing and editing and not being afraid to come to that day when I press send and publish my work. Some of it is funny, that I remember. I know you shouldn't brag but I remember reading it through once and laughing and thinking, there was no way I wrote that. That was a little funny. I want to write books. I want to be an author.

I am a writer. I am an author. Just waiting for my soul to press send.