Thursday, April 28, 2016

Following my Bliss...

I have been on a quest for the last couple months. Hence no blogs. I have been taking in so much information. That is what I do, I absorb and ask, ask and absorb. I have wanted nothing more than to publish my books. But I have known that there is something deep down that has kept me from allowing that to happen. So I have been taking step to clear and minimize excess things unnecessary things out my life mentally, physically and spiritually. I needed to clear out my home to help me start to clear out my head to help me be open to the next chapter in my life. I do not know why this chapter is happening now. Or where this new chapter will lead but I know that big changes are coming.

I have been watching documentaries such as Discovering the Gift by Lichtenstein and Aziz, Beyond Belief, as well as doing Yoga Nidra every night to help myself retrain my brain to think positive about my goals and desires.

The Law of Attraction and The Secret are both part of the type of these positive begets positive and negative thoughts will bring more negative. As a social worker I see this every day. Both positively and negatively.

Behind every behavior is a positive intention.

I am a published novel author.
I have excess money in my bank account.
I have a yoga healthy body.
I have a strong healthy loving family who like spending time together.
I follow my bliss to my joyful life.

I pulled out the story I told my grandma (who passed away a year ago yesterday) about yesterday and was shocked how finished it was. It really might be ready for publishing. I don't know how many chapters are completely finished but the first 2 chapters were clean. Why do I allow myself to not move forward? Do I not want to succeed? What is the worst thing that happens? No one reads it? A few read it and hate it? Which is worse? No one reading or some reading but hating it? And is that what I am really afraid of?

"Everything you think is true." Prince-- acceptance speech for Webby award.