Sunday, June 26, 2016

Bliss is still a work in progress.

Summer has begun officially even though school was out almost a month ago. I have been finishing up my school work and have been trying to get my house in order in between illnesses and vacation. Now we are here, the place I want to be-- ready to start my publishing one of my books. So what is my first step. I have one book that has a cover made, it is written and now I need to read it from start to finish at least once to make sure it is complete and finish it. And I will find a few final readers. This book I think has been over edited-- part of my issue was too much editing. I have realized that I am not perfect with my grammar but sometimes I think my voice was being edited out because it was not was the norm. I think books now are not the books of yesterday and in the time since I wrote the books (six years on some of the novels) the whole industry has changed. So I will publish these books. Step one. Finish Cleaning house so I cannot use it as an excuse. Step Two. Clean me- I got great samples like my Gillette Venus Swirl (I get freebies in the mail to practice my writing skills when I am not writing my novels.) and a facial from coconut sugar scrub.

Step Three Read Mythic Doppelganger and Find readers and beg my former editor friends to read the final drafts. Publish by 8/1/16.

Sounds Simple? I promised myself when I started all this that I would be published by forty and that is less than six months away.