Monday, July 4, 2016

Fulcrum Gallery presents Timeless Chic Art-- Alphonse Mucha

Timeless Chic? "Timeless Chic Wall Art
Close your eyes and imagine apiece of art that has lasted through the ages; think of something that people will always think is beautiful no matter what. Now, open your eyes and take a look at Timeless Chic art. Chances are, some of the images you imagined aren’t so far off from these lovely pieces. While they’re not the Mona Lisa or the Sistine Chapel, Timeless Chic prints will always add class to a room.

Veruca Salt’s “Fleur de Lis Square II” is just one of many examples. This painting holds true to the color palette of soft, creamy tones, and it shows the always-classy Fleur de Lis alongside some breathtaking flowers that will always remain in style. A compass graces the canvas of “Coast to Coast Sepia I” by Daphne Brissonnet as a reminder that following your heart on a journey from one coast to another will forever be of intrigue."

Alphonse Mucha Art Prints
Mucha is most often remembered for the dominant role he played in shaping the aesthetic of French Art Nouveau at the turn of the 20th century. Born in 1860, in what is now the Czech Republic, he had high aspirations to become a serious artist, which led him to pursue his studies in Prague and Munich. In 1887 he was lured to Paris, where he found it necessary to take on various minor commissions, including book and magazine illustration work. He achieved immediate fame in December 1894 when he accepted a commission from Sarah Bernhardt, the greatest actress of the time, to create a promotional graphic for the play Gismonda. Mucha's art captivated the hearts and imaginations of the public with its beautiful, sensuous forms and exquisite definition of detail. He achieved an elegant style with his fluid design and perfectly balanced blend of natural and abstract decorative patterns. Mucha's prolific output of posters, graphics, calendars, illustrations and decorative panel designs was concurrent with the general trend toward creating art for mass consumption and utilizing art for decoration. Through his extraordinary versatility in adapting to various forms and media, he exerted a profound influence on the Art Nouveau style.

I picked a picture created by Alphonse Mucha from the Timeless Chic Collection at Fulcrum Gallery called "Zodiac". It was originally commissioned by a printing company called Champenois and was originally designed as calendar for the company. In 1897, the chief editor of "Le Plume" bought the rights to the picture and as the magazine's calendar. There are nine known variations of the lithograph. I chose a frame that would look vintage to compliment Mucha's Zodiac.