Sunday, August 28, 2016

Standing on the edge of the precipice...

I have been blogging for a couple years now I think. I started the blog so that once I stopped writing my books that I would not lose writing skills even though I had stepped away from the typewriter so to speak. I wanted to keep my fingers nimble and my brain churning as much as possible. I started reviewing products because I love free shit and receiving packages even more. But then I got addicted to the process. Not the review writing which started to suck my soul and it filled my social media with the free stuff I was trying out but I think I was pissing off my friends with pics of pretty much adverts for these products that my friends may or may not wanted to see. I didn't and don't want to lose friends because of that. I barely have friends I consider real, to begin with.

So I have been contemplating so many aspects of my life recently-- this blog, my place in the world, religions, meditation, where I want to live, how to be the best me and best parent, and where do I go from here. And the one thing I have come up with is I am not content with where I am. Things much change to be better tomorrow.

My studies of Ayurveda was the starting point of learning more about my body and how every aspect of our lives affect every other aspect of our being. When we are stressed we get sick more. It seems so simple but it's a truth that in America we seem to forget and just medicate instead of looking at the heart of why illnesses and maladies begin. The real struggle is heading the stress off before it begins. I want to learn that skill, more important I want to teach those skills to my kids. Yoga and meditation are the keys. I know they are. I would love to learn from skilled teachers, but now I have to settle for youtube, Amazon Prime, and books.

This summer my best friend lost her father, he was one of the greatest men I knew and his death rocked all of our lives. Wolf's death has made me look at life every day and want to be and do better. My best friend started watching Twin Peaks again with her sister as a result of being home when her father passed on, which I in turned watched as well. David Lynch the director is an avid Transcendental Meditation advocate and is working to spread TM to schools and kids to help a new generation cope with life in a "new" way. I feel a pull to this in some way. If you would like more info on what he is doing here is the link There is also a transcendental meditation page I would love to be trained but that cost. And I am a broke social worker, frowns.

I know the precipice I am at is painful but one of growth and blessings in the long term. I just don't know whether to jump, stay put or how to get to the next there.