Monday, January 2, 2017

I wish I was an artist

Can a person with very little artistic ability become an artist? Every art class I have ever taken I have loved. It started in Middle school when I was taught how to develop the film into negatives by our science teacher Mr. Lapp. No one else in our class knew how to do it and it made me feel special. In a class of geniuses, it is hard to stand out. So I fell in love with black and white photography from sixth to 8th grade but then I had no more access to photography except my own shitty camera. But I took pictures constantly in high school and college and beyond but nothing artsy.

Then in high school, I took art and loved all of the projects-- murals, wax dying, metal work, etc. In college, I took Sculpture 101 and adored that, I learned how to weld and sculpt by hand. I just assumed I was not talented enough to do anything more, but I loved these things. They brought me stress relief and a sense of accomplishment when they were complete. The process was the part I liked more than the outcome.

Maybe 2017 will bring more art as my stress relief.