Friday, March 31, 2017

Finding the beauty in the Taint-- or Fuel for my muse

When I was little I tended to be sick, I would surround myself with imaginary worlds within the library that I had amassed by the time I was in elementary school. I now realize there are people who get to be around live muses, not just paper, film and digital muses. My friends were on the pages and inspired me to write and create and dream. Then slowly a few real ones have trickled in my life sending butterflies to my brain.

In my recent flu/viral URI, I have watched documentaries on Greenwich Village and other art communities. Which made my brain a little jealous of people getting To surround themselves with peers in your neighborhood with the same drive to create; what a fun experiment in the creative positive flow. There were flows like that at Antioch in my sculpture class, writing classes and watching the manic kids work all night turning videotapes into a full-scale spider web. I have always believed we are given people for a reason or a season. I love when new or old people come into our lives and revive something in us that move us to step up to the next level or get back to our love. Over the last couple years, I had some great editing and writing partners and I have since fallen out of regular contact with them and miss the conductivity between two minds helping one another in a creative process. That sharing was very intimate, especially a novel, or three.

I am not a very social person. I love talking to people one on one or in very small groups but anything else scares me shitless. To share my writing with anyone is like showing someone my boobs. I am no woo-girl. I am not at the bar flashing every person who buys me a shot of lemon drop.

The only reason I press send on this Blog is I assume Yes, Virgina you are my the only real reader. Where in the world is my reader? That should be the bonus in the comment section. I digress.

Finding our own Greenwich Village, no matter where we live. I am sending out to the universe that I want to be surrounded by more artists of all mediums. My best friend is a choreographer and dancer. I recently have been re-introduced to a writer/photographer whom I hadn't spoken with in 22 years. His photos have shown me beauty in Cincinnati that I didn't realize existed.

My mind had become so tainted to the ugliness of Ohio because of the burnout I feel in other areas of my life that I had stopped looking for the beauty that is still around us.