Wednesday, March 15, 2017

How to find a job after being out of the loop...Or it's no longer found in the classifieds

When you have been out of the job market for long periods of time-decade or plural. You realize that not only are the ways you find jobs different-- Once you went to places looking for a sign in the window, looked in the want ads in the paper, some companies have computer terminals in their locations to complete applications and assessments, and now there are more than just websites. There are apps. But then within the apps, you have to watch who are posting jobs.

My current fave is LINKEDIN Here is my profile Let's link up!

On the apps, you are able to scan and search based on location or keywords or both. When you get your results, that is when the real work starts. You must visually skim what is not for you. I have things in my head I am looking for-- insurance, retirement, but I am looking for a unique work environment. You have seen those workplaces on TV or heard about them. Free breakfast or lunch or a fun room where peers get together for stress relief. I want a company that truly has that philosophy that happy workers are better workers.

There are subgroups posting on these sites.

1. Recruiters for staffing agencies
2. Recruiters for companies
3. Recruiters for "sales" positions where you only get paid if you sell
4. Direct posts from companies by their HR like normal

I do not know if there are downsides to these differences but the loops to jump through a staffing agency puts me off a bit. I skim these jobs and so far none of them have made my short list, so it hasn't mattered.

The other part of my current research is what are the jobs out there? And do I need any additional certification or training?

If you are in the medical field, IT, engineers, sales, or skilled labor-- then SW Ohio is for you. I don't want to be in social services anymore; the field I have served in for 18 years. My first job out of college was in mental health switching to social work in the public school system in 2006. Now I want to learn new skills, try and utilize all I have learned in college, my internships (three in schools, one in a mailroom, and one in a homeless shelter), FWSP jobs in HR and mailroom at Antioch and one precollege job at a Thriftway grocery store and open that next door.

I have customer service experience, retail/grocery experience, mail standards experience, human resource experience, housing, teaching daily living skills, meal planning, budget planning, transportation, medication management, supervisor of 15 staff, QA financial, QA review, community involvement, blogging, accessing community resources, Microsoft Office, --I digress.

What I am getting at poorly but I am trying to pull the train back around to, I have what I feel like is a great tool box of skills but I look on these sites and I am like--- uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I don't think I am going to open the paper (kidding) and see my skills listed off perfectly and I will get a light bulb over my head, put on my best suit, walk into the Daily Moon and say 'Ms. Goldberg, I am the one you have been looking for', hand her my resume and we go to lunch to hash out the logistics.

Positive visualization.