Sunday, March 26, 2017

Little Steps towards big goals... Legion and Meditation

The past week has been sickness, sleep and way too much Netflix, Hulu, Youtube and Amazon Prime Video. I was being to miss being productive but a few great seeds were planted in the myriad of technicolor wonderland flashing before my eyes. First Legion is the greatest new mind F#ck of a show on all of the airwaves, cable waves, the internet, paid or free. I love not knowing one second to the next what is coming, maybe it has been the flu but the ride is so much fun. A great diversion from the reality of reality. Thank you for whoever is making that amazing show. Bravo to all of you. Seriously. When you go home at night, give yourself a little pat on the back and I hope you are having as much fun making it as I am experiencing-- it is bringing me joy. I digress. But related-- to the mind.

The other seeds-- cleaning the mind. The show Legion has a lot to do with the mind and the manipulation of it. The other shows I found myself watching were documentaries and YouTubers on zen mediations and other forms of mediations.

For years, I strove to figure out the picture perfect method of meditating. I tried relaxing every body part but I always ended up asleep. Not a very good method of true meditation but it did help with my insomnia and also helped with the racing thoughts at night.

My next go about was Holy Hour of Adoration as a Catholic for about a year. I loved this quiet hour with the Jesus but I was fidgety and found myself pacing around the church as long as no one else was there. I figured as long as I was silent with Jesus He wouldn't care if I was walking around the Church. I loved the silence, though. This was the greatest lesson of this was we were not to be bringing things to God in this time but just being with him. In Silence, we learn much.

In a multiple part series on meditation I watched, one of the first things they discussed was making a designated space for meditation. Nothing fancy. We will start with items to have in the area. I am not an expert and cannot comment on the medical side of what is best for you. I found multiple pillows that will fit the areas around my bottom and back until I am used to the seated position. Better.

So I was totally hippie happy, lit my incense and got about seven minutes of meditation in. But that is 7 minutes more that yesterday. But I got my meditation revelation of the day. Meditation is not about learning anything. It isn't about any religion. Prophet. The reason they try to teach you to empty your mind is because we all work so hard and carry so much past present and future in our brains, that if you can give your brain 7 minutes of silence. Rest. That is when we really supercharge our brains. in the silence. is the answer we seek.

whatever makes you happy. whatever you want---radiohead