Tuesday, March 28, 2017

What do we want in life?

Warning-- adult language-- mom's mouth will slip past appropriate.

We tell our kids the letter A on a papers, will lead to a treasure map of colleges and eager to offer pretty colors to study at their square buildings for four to twelve years, all the while praying they figure out what they really want-- to work, achieve and choose their future and not let the future choose them. History has shown that not all successful people got great grades in school and some do not even graduate. And I am not even touching the issue of what a college education cost a student nowadays. Am I advocating for dropping out? No. Not in the least. But instead thinking about how we decide what is best for us in our lives and how we figure out those things.

I am figuring out how my happiness is internal, some external but not material.

We have all know sublimely happy people. They radiate sunshine out every orifice even when they have the flu. I love these people and have always wanted to add an ounce of this sublime happy to the cocktail that is Dany. But instead of seeking this liquor I have actively for over two years been trying to pick their brains to find out what it is that keeps them looking for the pot of gold and not seeing the muddy poop slosh their standing in.

Happy people don't make excuses.

Happy People are looking forward to everything because if you are always looking back you will probably be smacked in the face with a beam. (Where did that stage come from? Dang Easter Bunny.)

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I want a clean house when I come home.
I want time to write and or create something every day.
I want to meditate.
I want to see or be part of the joy in my families lives.

My mind instantly went to a list of things I want to remove from my life. But to write them keeps them solid in reality and I would rather not give them any more life than the habits they are already in my psyche. '

I am thankful for if even one of you read my ramblings. They are helping me. And I don't just do them for my own selfish reasons. I think if I am thinking this way maybe one other person may also be like. Fuck this is hard.