Sunday, April 30, 2017

Not writing... to write

It's been days if not a week since my last blog when I had been churning them out one after another. But I have a great reason for the delay, I am working on my books. Like to completion. I know I have blogged about wanted to really write not that putting words in this blog isn't writing. But I love writing books and novellas. I had put my books away digitally speaking for almost three and others five years. And I have been reading them and remembering that I love taking someone, even myself to somewhere where they are not themselves. Feeling things, seeing things, and all through the arrangement of letters. What amazing of magic is that?

I plan to self-publish a few novellas first and I have one full-length novel that once completed in the final edits. I think I may submit to a publishing house started by an acquaintance I met at a Writing/ Author's conference seven years ago this month. I thought I would be published within a year or two of meeting all these authors and writers.  Today is my time to wait no longer.

My muse has been busy fueled by a happy body and mind. I have been doing yoga, taking walks, seeing butterflies, meditating, working on my craft every day and doing something every day that brings me happiness. EVERY DAY.

Sorry so short...

Back to my novels.