Wednesday, April 12, 2017

What a novel idea... synchronicity part 2

One of my novels has the word Haven in the title. Part of the reason I didn't self-publish it when I "finished" it was because a TV series came out around the same time and I was kinda pissed. Sounds dumb but when you really are hit with words and titles for things when you are writing you think in your self-righteous brain that everything you come up with is brilliance. And I didn't want to change my idea or title. So I stuck this novel in a zip drive and started writing blogs.

My husband and I talked about ways that I could deal with this and then the next day I picked a random movie on Hulu and as the credits rolled the production company was called Haven. (The movie sucked but had a good thought, taking the impossible and saying instead I'm possible)

Now am I looking for that word subconsciously? For sure. These "meaningful coincidences" in life and social media this week are a jump start to my muse and big boot to the writers block that once stood in my way, so who gives a hoot if these are manifestions of my brain or signs from the universe to get back in the game. Here's a meme (remember when you did not even know what a meme was? I digress)

That represents this same thought. I am seeing the opportunities because I want to succeed. Lastly, I went into my job and someone was talking about a human with this same name, Haven. Synchronicity? You bet because I believe in my Haven.