Monday, July 24, 2017

The Precipice has my stomach in knots

My goal for publication was the end of July. And if you look at your calendar that is a mere few days away. So I grabbed my balls and took some big steps today. I have been taking bids for cover art for the novella Sex, Drugs, and... Vampires? and I finally picked one and am actively working with one through the site If you haven't seen all the services people offer on there. Check it out or you can make some money yourself. Awesome concept.
I am so excited to see what they come up with and I wrote the back cover copy and my bio. Which is an odd thing to write? Seems like you are being THE ROCK. Talking in the third person about yourself. Danyel is a blah, blah. I guess that's a dated reference, he may still talk in the third person since he may enter politics.

Then I started my Kindle publishing account and downloaded an app that edits and formats your work for Amazon's publishing. Which I have my book uploaded and I am formatting as I write this blog. All the blogs before this were leading up to this. I blogged so that I didn't lose writing skills during my epilepsy meds adjustment. 
All of this seems like silly babbling. But this is me, standing at the edge of the diving board. When I have never even when up even one step of the ladder before. I just had my bathing suit on.