Friday, August 4, 2017

Paperback Writer...

The last few days have been so happy, humbling and proud if all of those things can happen at the same time. I have cried with joy with both my kids in a group hug as they saw my book go online for the first time. That in itself was worth all the years of editing and writing. To have my babies see me accomplish what I said I would. Later Bub sat and asked me about the plot and about the prequel to this book. He was young when I started writing and to him what he remembers or knows, is Mom with a laptop. It is not like I let my kids read my paranormal romance books.

Now the paperback is available as well.

And now the real hard part. How to promote while working on prepping the prequel to this and getting ready to return to the real world of work.
Another shameless plug, if you did read my book. Please review it. That is almost more important than buying it in the book world.